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Lisa Satin


The vendor only had four of these Bloodstone slabs set up on his display table. I just had to quickly grab  them all for you lovely customers of I Dig Crystals! They had the rich forest green that Indian Bloodstone is known for, plus the deep red fleck inclusions that is so highly coveted in the gemstone’s coloring!

Each of the four polished Bloodstone slabs is unique in its patterns and can be stood upright for Feng Shui display or can lie flat on the body for chakra healing. Alternately, why not use them as natural stone coasters or display stands. Many times I find myself using stone slabs as charging platters to energize other crystals or my gemstone jewelry.

Although they are highly polished, these Bloodstone slabs may show surface peculiarities as is customary with natural stones. Cherish the eccentricities and seek the imperfections of Nature on your crystal journeys.